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Educational Posters- Customized (5 count)

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Based on the success of our annual educational poster program, we are now offering these popular, high-quality posters for sale. The posters will be printed on a PVC laminate with UV rated ink (if stored properly, the product life of these posters is 8-10 years).  They will each measure 20" x 24" and you will receive 5 identical copies of your customized print.  Use them on informational kiosks, trailhead signs, in outhouses, visitors' centers, dealerships, retail stores, classrooms, scout meeting rooms, etc.!

These posters can be customized using a combination of public service announcements and a variety of tips to encourage ethical and responsible behaviors throughout the outdoor recreation community. The primary messages you can utilize to customize your own educational posters can be viewed at Respected Access is Open Access and RIDE ON Designated Routes.

We can also include a logo of your choosing and a QR code on the poster and if you have Motor Vehicle Use Maps (MVUMs) available online, we can link this QR code directly to the local MVUM.

The cost includes product customization and printing.  Please go to the following link to customize your poster, either before or right after you checkout: